5 Soothing Blue Dresses To Go Breezy.

5 Soothing Blue Dresses To Go Breezy.

A collection of dresses for your heart's relish. Embrace comfort and the warmth of tranquility with our range of soothing blue dresses.

A dress can be styled in a variety of ways. The light and airy numbers are both basic and fashionable, and they never fail to catch the eye. But wait a minute, there's more to it, they offer a sense of promise, of being calm and collected. And most importantly they convey the soothing impression, to those that look at you and to yourself, without compromising the pep in your step. So here are Hashboosh’s top five picks for soothing blue dresses, a collection of dresses that are endlessly stylish but also effortlessly easy to wear.

1. Skyline's Charm

With the vastness of the blue sky comes along the perk of being rid of our worries. Skyline’s Charm is acute companion in that regard. With short puff sleeves, a fitted and pleated waist, and a flared trim, this maxi dress is an everyday piece always ready with a special-occasion vibe.

    2. Bluebellvine

    The greatest of comforts come from nature, so we designed this dress with the beauty and the tranquil soul of nature in mind. Bluebellvine is a perfect mix of radiance and a dreamy look, made possible with a combination of a square neck, a straight waist and a gathered hem and sleeves.

      3.  Pacific Jewel

      Why not shake things up with a '60s silhouette but not compromise in pacifying the ambient blare? Pacific Jewel is just the right pick, invoking the surprise and awe of witnessing the ‘priceless’ and still be lulled by its aura. The dress features a set of layered umbrella-style sleeves, a flared hem and a straight waist.


      4. Skyline

      A breezy floral and stripes dress that you can wear anywhere, from vacations to afternoon coffee dates with your BFF. Spun from a soft viscose fabric into a billowy silhouette, this piece features intricate designs, a gathered waist, cape sleeves and a normal hem for a chic appeal.


      5. Blues & Hues

      Be the sparkle in the everyone’s eyes with the Blues & Hues Dress. A perfect combination of blue’s shades and floral print patterns make this dress a pleasant yet graceful sight to behold. The dress features a frilled neck, gathered hem and puffed sleeves.

        Now let your body follow suit to the warmth and solace your mind envisions. Look towards our collection of must-have pieces that spark joy and make for the passionate styles. Check out our website for more.